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For instructions on embedding a Qwidget in EBSCO or ProQuest databases, OPACS, Libguides, and other places, see the AskAway Wiki.


Embedding an AskAway Chat Qwidget into a Web Page Using the IronPoint Content Management System

Many ELN libraries use a Content Management System (CMS), such as IronPoint, to deliver their Institutional and Library web pages. This tutorial compiled by Roén Janyk (Web Services Librarian at Okanagan College) and ELN is intended for use with the IronPoint CMS but may also assist in embedding the Qwidget in other CMS websites.

To embed an AskAway Qwidget in IronPoint you can follow the steps below, including links to additional resources, OR you can skip the text tutorial and directly watch the YouTube video version [Total Time: 14:41] created by Roén Janyk outlining the process!

Want to follow the text tutorial but skip to a particular step in the video? Check-out the video time noted in that step to find where it starts. If you have not recently updated your AskAway Qwidget in the QuestionPoint Administrator Module we recommend you follow the additional steps and tips found in that guide also.

Top of the Page Step 1 [Video 0:26] : Create/Update a Qwidget in the QuestionPoint Administrator Module.

  • If necessary, create/update your AskAway Qwidget following the steps available in the BC ELN tutorial here.
  • If you have not recently updated your AskAway Qwidget in the QuestionPoint Administrator Module we highly recommend it as the updated Qwidget may provide additional functionality and work-arounds to current EBSCO Qwidget bugs.
  • Note: Updating your Qwidget code in QuestionPoint will affect already existing Qwidgets in use by your library.

TIP: You may want to save commonly used Qwidget offline messages for future use, for example the summer semester offline message. (see below)

TIP: Copy and save the Qwidget code in a text editor like notepad to avoid extraneous HTML code accidently being added.

TIP: Some aspects of the Qwidget appearance, such as colour, can be customised in each individual Qwidget to fit the different appearance of your web pages, EBSCO interface and LibGuides.

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Step 2 [Video 4:22] : Settings and Location of Pagelets in IronPoint.

  1. Login to your IronPoint administrator account.
  2. From your account home page choose the drop-down menu for the HTML Editor and select Plain Text Editor.
  3. Click Save near the top of the page.
  4. At the top of the page under System --> choose Syndication Manager.
  5. Select Pagelets in the Syndication Manager for your Syndication Type.
  6. Locate your library web page in the Pagelets list to view all the pagelets associated with the library web page.
  7. Create a new AskAway Qwidget pagelet by clicking the (Edit) link beside your main library page. (see below)

TIP: The Plain Text Editor must be selected when you're creating an AskAway qwidget as some of the IronPoint editors change the Qwidget code that makes it display correctly.

TIP: Don't see Syndication Manager in the System drop-down menu? Contact your IT Services for additional permissions in IronPoint.

TIP: Expand the pagelets menus using the plus (+) signs. 

Top of the Page Step 3 [Video 6:34] : Create the new AskAway Qwidget in IronPoint.

You should now be on the Child page tab located under your Library page.

  1. Mouseover the CREATE: New drop-down menu to select a General Content page type.
  2. Add a Title, for example AskAway Qwidget, and HTML title (optional) to your pagelet and choose any limits.
  3. Choose the Content tab.
  4. Copy the Qwidget code saved earlier in notepad and paste it into the blank PAGE CONTENT section. (see below)
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Publish to activate your pagelet.
  7. Your AskAway chat pagelet is now listed with the pagelets available to your library.

TIP: You can have your AskAway pagelet available to all of your Institution's web sites or limit it by using the check-box next to the Available in all sites section and choosing the sites.

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Step 4 [Video 8:33] : Add the AskAway Qwidget to an IronPoint page.

You can now add the AskAway chat Qwidget to your IronPoint library pages. Navigate to the desired library web page to add the Qwidget.

  1. From My Page choose My Site.
  2. Choose a library page to embed the new Qwidget, for example the Library Policies page.
  3. Click the Edit icon/button for the page you wish to edit.
  4. Click on the Pagelets tab to view the current pagelets assigned.
  5. Click the Add button and << Select Pagelet >> to navigate to the AskAway Qwidget pagelet.
  6. Choose the AskAway Qwidget and click the Save button.
  7. Check that the AskAway Qwidget pagelet now appears and Save your edited web page.
  8. Publish your web page. You may want to Preview the page first and experiment with the placement of the new Qwidget.

TIP: You can click the Preview button to view what your AskAway Qwidget will look like before you publish the page!

TIP: You can change the placement of the Qwidget by changing the order of the Pagelets using the up-down arrows. (see below)

TIP: You are likely restricted in the number of pagelets available on each page. Add blank pagelets and experiment with the placement of your pagelets to make your web page more user-friendly!

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Step 5 [Video 12:45] : Making changes to the Qwidget.

After inserting the Qwidget into a variety of your library web pages you can makes global changes to the Qwidget without editing every library page containing the Qwidget.

  • If you'd like to change the AskAway Qwidget that displays you may need to make changes in the QuestionPoint Administrator Module OR in the AskAway Pagelet.
  • Update the AskAway Qwidget pagelet using the Edit button on the Qwidget in IronPoint to change language, Qwidget size, Qwidget colour, or privacy settings. (see below)

TIP: Don't like the colour of your Qwidget anymore? Change the code skin= in the AskAway Qwidget pagelet to one of the other colour choices: blue, black, gray, red, green, mint, or popsicle!

TIP: Change the Qwidget name and offline message in the QuestionPoint Administrator Module NOT the AskAway Qwidget pagelet.

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Check-out the YouTube video created by Roén Janyk, Web Services Librarian at Okanagan College!