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Sending database links to patrons

AskAway Blog - Mon, 2017-01-23 10:41

A recent message from a service provider:

"I've been having intermittent problems sending working links to Ebsco databases to patrons over Askaway. I'll send a link to search results or a journal article and they will be sent to an Ebsco page where it asks them to pick their server. This is not the database homepage or a university off-campus log in page."

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Large SFU Psych 100/102 assigment

AskAway Blog - Fri, 2016-09-30 10:25

It's that time of semester when you may hear from SFU students in Psyc 100 / Psyc 102 looking for research help on their assignments.

Please note that there is a guide for Psyc 100 / Psyc 102. Some students may still need help navigating the databases, as they are mostly first year students new to research and academic databases. I've also attached copies of the assignments for your reference.

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Assignment Alert: UVic BIOL 184 Library Assignment

AskAway Blog - Mon, 2016-09-19 10:01

The annual Biology lab assignment at UVic is underway – here is a message with various bits of information for you and any UVic students you might come across while chatting. Questions can be directed to the subject librarian – Kathleen Matthews, kmatthew@uvic.ca

The BIOL 184 Library Lab assignment is getting underway and the assignment will be due Oct 3-6.

The PDF of assignment is posted on the BIOL 184 Subject Guide at http://libguides.uvic.ca/BIOL184.

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