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Rolling out APA 7th edition

The 7th edition of APA Style was released in fall 2019, and AskAway participating libraries are launching the new edition at varying times.

In general, it's good practice during this transition to ask students which edition they've been instructed to use. When in doubt, you can check the library's AskAway policy page and/or the library's citation guides to see which edition is currently in use.

Below you'll find resources that you can use to provide relevant and up to date citation support to all students during this transition.

UNBC Library: Library Notices Turned On

Just a heads up that you may be receiving questions via chat about library notices. We recently turned on our recall and overdue notices as normal circulation borrowing periods have started again. If you receive a question about this, the key thing is to reassure the patron that any fines accrued during the COVID period will be waived (March onward).

UBC Library: Accessing Online Resources Off-Campus

Many Users (Students, Faculty, and others) are accessing the Library’s online resources for the first time. If you get general questions from new Users, please direct them to read this: If you get specific questions about access, please direct Users to our Help Form:

SFU Library: AskAway embedded in Canvas (LMS) courses this Fall

You may have noticed an uptick in questions coming through the SFU queue related to Canvas issues since a Research Help link is now available in all Canvas courses. To assist AskAway service providers who answer these questions, Canvas help has been added to the Help section of the SFU Policy Page.