AskAway logout errors

What happens if there's an error just as you or your colleague logs out at the end of a shift?
Here are some tips for recognising and dealing with this situation.
Scenario A: You notice that a colleague hasn't logged out, even 15min after their shift is over, but they're not helping a patron at the time.
What you can do:

  1. Check the Staff Schedule to see if they are working 2 shifts in a row.
  2. IM them. Maybe they have forgotten to logout, or have some reason for not doing so.
  3. If they don't respond to your IM,
    • Try phoning or emailing them. They may have had an error as they logged out, or they may have forgotten to logout.
  4. If they can't be reached by phone, and if the service doesn't close for over 2 hours,
    • Wait to see if their timeout works
    • Try phoning them again periodically
  5. If the service will close in less than 2 hours, or if they're still logged in after 2 hours,
    • Phone or email ELN staff
    • You don't have to stay online after the service closes

Scenario B: You get a call from a colleague saying that you forgot to logout.
What to do:

  1. Check to see if your Chat Monitor is still open.
  2. If your chat monitor is not open,
    • Log back into MyQuestionPoint
    • Reopen the Chat Monitor
    • Click the green Logout link
    • Check to make sure that the screen changes to read: Goodbye, [Your name]. Ask a Librarian Chat is now logged off. Close Window

Why this happens:

  • In the rare case that an error occurs just as you are logging out, the system will keep you logged on. This is the same feature that ensures that your questions are still available in the MyActive tab if an error occurs during your shift.
  • This can be a problem if you are still logged in when the service is supposed to close.
  • Depending on the type of error, the system may log you out after your timeout period has passed. Most of us have the timeout period set to 2 hours. To check your timeout settings, in the MyQuestionPoint screen, click the Settings link in the red bar, and look under Current Settings to see your "session time-out period".


  • When you click the logout button, please check to make sure that the screen changes to read: Goodbye, [Your name]. Ask a Librarian Chat is now logged off. Close Window
  • Watch for other error messages. If you're not sure whether your logout was affected, just log back in and log out again.

Please note that these errors are extremely rare. Being able to recognise the "warning signs" will hopefully increase the rarity of these situations!