AskAway Regular Hours Resume Today

AskAway resumes regular hours starting today, Monday January 17th. Below, you’ll find information about the schedule for this term and an update and reminder about LibraryH3lp.

If you have any questions, contact your local coordinator or the Admin Centre.

Schedule and Hours

The schedule for January 17th-April 15th is displayed on the staff Schedule page. Take a moment to review your shifts, add shifts to your calendar, and set those shift reminders.

LibraryH3lp Update and Reminder

LibraryH3lp continues to roll out updates to the staffing webclient. When you login to LibraryH3lp for your shift, you’ll see a notification announcing the latest update:

  • When you sign in to LibraryH3lp and select your queues, you’ll notice a difference in how you select queues. Instead of checking a box or boxes, you will select “YES” to staff a particular queue or “NO” to not staff that particular queue. For example, if you’re staffing AskAway at North Island College, you’ll select “YES” for the askaway queue and “YES” for the NIC queue. More information, and screenshots, are in this LibraryH3lp blog post.

And a gentle reminder to please only use the “Busy” status in LibraryH3lp after you have ended your shift if you need to wrap-up a chat, and not during your shift:

  • If you set yourself to “Busy” during your shift, you will not see incoming chats and this puts the burden on your colleagues to pick up new calls
  • To see more about how to use “Busy” to wrap up chats after your shift has ended, see this FAQ What status should I use on my shifts?