Assignment Alert: Douglas College Library Lab Assignment

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up about Douglas College's Library lab assignment. With the transition to online, asynchronous library instruction you may find that more Douglas College students are logging into AskAway for help with their Library assignments.

If the student is looking for immediate help, please feel free to go ahead and walk them through their concerns. We're pretty relaxed about the extent of help you wish to provide - if it helps allay stress we are absolutely fine if you want to go ahead and confirm if the student has the answer right or not. At the same time, we recognize that there are limits to how much help you can provide without having personal access to an answer sheet!  So please don't hesitate to refer the student back to us at Douglas at any point. 

You can let the student know (aka, remind them) that there is a lab-support discussion forum in their BlackBoard course that is monitored by a DC librarian at 3 set times - the dates and times of those check ins should be included in the forum itself.

You are also most welcome to refer the student to our research help desk email: