Assignment Alert: UVic BIOL 184 Library Assignment

The annual Biology lab assignment at UVic is underway – here is a message with various bits of information for you and any UVic students you might come across while chatting. Questions can be directed to the subject librarian – Kathleen Matthews,

The BIOL 184 Library Lab assignment is getting underway and the assignment will be due Oct 3-6.

The PDF of assignment is posted on the BIOL 184 Subject Guide at

This library assignment is the “Get to Know Your Biology Faculty” and focuses on finding  journal articles using the Web of Science and creating a “bibliography/list of references”  using EndNote Basic.

There are about 800+ students in BIOL 184. The assignment worksheet is very detailed and prescriptive so students should really be able to manage this without too much help, assuming they read the instructions.

- via email from Tracie Smith