Can't Cobrowse?

Here are some tips related to cobrowsing:
Table of Contents
1. Preparation for cobrowsing
2. Tips for cobrowsing
3. Alternatives to cobrowsing
1. Preparation for cobrowsing
1.1 Remove Java Update
1.2 Delete both your cookies and files
2. Tips for cobrowsing
2.1 One at a time
I.e. Only the patron should be clicking on links and entering search terms. This prevents errors when the patron and the service provider click on different links at the same time, and also is a more hands-on experience for the patron.
2.2 UBC rewriting proxy
Works with cobrowse - can access many databases
2.3 Database entry
Error upon database entry - ask patron to try opening the database in a new window
3. Alternatives to cobrowsing
3.1 Stats for cobrowsability
– 41.5% of patrons are Cobrowse: No
3.2 Alternative: page pushing and instructions
-benefits: instruction and reusable transcript
-problems: you can't see what they're doing
-check to see that they received the first page
-use visual cues such as colour, left-right, top-bottom, columns etc…
-use the word "link" for text links, "picture link" for image links
-check to see how they're doing:
--- OK so far?
--- Were you able to login?
-entering databases - watch for cookie error - "This is cookie.htm from the doc subdirectory."
--- for cookie error, ask patron to try opening the database in a new window
-database searches:
---into the first search box, type: keywords


Please note - since this blog posting, QuestionPoint has reported that Java 1.6.1 and 1.6.2 are now supported.