Forest science question - patron may return

Hello all, on Saturday, May 26th, a patron from UNBC was looking for the heating values of softwoods and hardwoods, specifically:

  • White Spruce: Picea glauca
  • Lodgepole Pine: Pinus contorta Watts or Pinus contorta latifolia
  • Quaking Aspen: Populus tremuloides
  • Black Cottonwood: Populus trichocarpa

He is not interested in the BTU (British Thermal Units), but wants the metric measure, which is the calorific value. He has a book from 1981, and we did find an article from 1977 (, but he is looking for recent information.
Biological and Agricultural Index Plus and Agricola were not helpful, but ScienceDirect was more useful. However, the patron had to log out before we found any useful articles.
We were searching for "heating values" in ScienceDirect, but "calorific values" might have worked better as a keyword. The journal: Energy Conversion and Management seemed to be particularly useful.
The best info was found by searches in Google:

  • "calorific values" spruce aspen pine

so maybe continue with the cottonwood search?
or try those keywords in ScienceDirect
Here is some info that we found after he had logged off:

  • Heating Values for Trembling Aspen
  • Citation for Heating Values for Trembling Aspen - he would need to do interlibrary loan
  • Wood energy links:
  • Given the amount of time it took to get this far, we thought we'd pass on the info for whoever gets this question in future!
    Angela and Niki