LibraryH3lp Tips and Tricks: January Edition

Thanks to your thoughtful questions and feedback, we continue to learn more about the ins and outs of LibraryH3lp software. AskAway's LibraryH3lp FAQs continue to be updated, and we wanted to take this opportunity to share recent updates and new tips:

Screenshot resolution

If you're using the built-in LibraryH3lp screenshot sharing and editing tool on your shifts, you may have heard from students that the image is low resolution and hard to read. If the original screenshot that you've captured is high resolution, it's likely the issue is happening when you edit the screenshot.

When you use the screenshot editing tool in LibraryH3lp, you'll often see the following system message: "This image was resized to fit the space available. Use Undo to go back to original size." If your image has small text that may be difficult to read at a lower resolution, click the "UNDO" button on the left-hand side of the editing tool and then proceed with editing and sharing the full size image.

*This short screencast (1min 23sec) shows you how to use the screenshot editing tool, including how to undo automatic image resizing.

To learn more, see the FAQ "How do I send a file, image, or screenshot?"

Updating guest nicknames

Each patron that you work with in LibraryH3lp is automatically assigned a Guest ID (e.g. Guest JDBB). You have the option to edit this guest ID and give the guest a helpful nickname. For example, you could change it to a short description of the topic or type of question (e.g. APA citation). This can help you keep track of different questions when you're working with multiple patrons.

Any changes you make to the guest's nickname will not be reflected or stored in the session metadata.

*This short screencast (30 sec) shows you how to update the nickname.

To learn more, see the FAQ "How can I work more efficiently with multiple patrons in LibraryH3lp?"


The FAQ "How do I transfer a chat session?" has been updated to include more detailed steps and notes on transferring chats to another service provider. If you'd like a quick refresher or clarification on transfers, check out the FAQ and thisĀ screencast (1min 30 sec).