New and Improved FAQs

We're pleased to share that FAQs for service providers have been refreshed!

Previously, these FAQs were spread out in two places, with some available on the AskAway website FAQs page and others available on the Service Provider FAQs site. Initially, this was to support the transition to LibraryH3lp but having this information available in two places made it difficult to know where to look for answers and less efficient to maintain.

Now, you can find all of your FAQs in one convenient place: the Service Provider FAQs site, linked from the AskAway website FAQs page and the homepage.

What's Included

Currently, there are over 60 FAQs. The most popular is "How can I see how many active chats my colleagues are currently handling?" with 975 views. "How can I work more efficiently with multiple patrons in LibraryH3lp?" is a close second with 928 views.

The FAQs cover a wide range of questions that you've asked over the years and continue to ask as we update the list. Questions include "How can a student request a transcript of their session?" "What can I do if a guest login is not working?" and "I'm unable to staff my AskAway shift. What should I do?"

The topics include AskAway accounts, working in LibraryH3lp, the patron's experience on AskAway, staffing your shifts, and more!

COVID-19 FAQs are still maintained on a separate site and are linked from the two pages above, the AskAway website FAQs page and the homepage.

Search and Browse

You can search the FAQs by keyword or browse by topic.


Use the search function to search by keyword. It will search the title and text of the FAQs.


Use the browse feature to browse by topic. Click on the topic (e.g. Patron Experience) to bring up all FAQs tagged with that topic.

You can either browse using the drop-down beside the search bar or the tags on the right-hand side of the landing page.


These FAQs are for you. You can contribute by continuing to contact us with your questions. If there's a question that comes up frequently or that we think would be helpful for others to hear, we'll add it to the list. You can also suggest an FAQ to be included.

If you have any suggestions or would like to contribute content to an FAQ (such as a screenshot or example wording), please let us know!