Next Generation Chat Box for AskAway

Changes to the AskAway chat box are coming! We will soon upgrade to the next generation chat box, which comes with new features and special attention to visual accessibility.

Example chat box with grey theme

What's Coming

As the next generation chat box is rolling out, there are new features and functions we’d like to bring to your attention!

Example chat box with blue theme

While the chat box remains recognizable, some notable changes include:

  • Option to include a customized greeting (e.g., "Hi. How can we help you today?") and typing instructions (e.g., "Type your question and press ENTER to send...")
  • Modernized icons provide a refreshed look and updated functionality
    • Eye icon for notification management – allows the patron to turn on or off visual notifications of new chat messages
    • Smiley icon for exploring and selecting emojis
    • Trash can icon to clear chat history
    • Question mark icon - allows our Privacy Policy to be made available immediately within the chat box:

Accessibility Highlights

The changes made to the next generation chat box align with usability best practices for chat boxes. Some examples of how the next generation chat box embodies these values include:

  • A clear label that identifies the chat box (e.g., AskAway Research Help)
  • A system status indicator (e.g., Librarian is typing…)
  • Messages from the patron and service provider are visually distinguished from each other with colour
  • Patrons can have a copy of the conversation emailed to them for later reference
  • The default AskAway chat box meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) colour contrast guidelines (note: libraries that use custom colors can use the Editor or contact us to make sure they meet these guidelines)

Updates to Chat Box Skin Editor (for Local Coordinators)

The chat box skin editor in the LibraryH3lp Dashboard has been refreshed with a practical reorganization of features and additional functionality. Key features of the update include:

  • Quick access to the most commonly used skin settings under "Brand Basics," followed by additional elements under "Additional Flair"
  • View changes to the chat box skin in real time, with helpful highlighting of relevant elements to help you see where to make corresponding changes
  • Colour pickers with built-in WCAG colour contrast checkers:


The AskAway Admin Centre is here to support you. Please contact us for assistance as needed.