OpenAthens at UBC Library

Submitted on behalf of UBC Library Local Coordinators

It has been almost a year since UBC Library implemented OpenAthens for e-resource authentication. Many thanks for all of your help in supporting our users transitioning to the new process.

We have heard that accessing UBC’s e-resources via OpenAthens as an AskAway service provider can be tricky. We have updated the wording on the Guest Login page as follows, and we hope it clarifies the issue.

  • To access UBC’s eResources, AskAway service providers MUST FIRST sign in using this link: OpenAthens (OpenAthens Login at bottom, not CWL Login). Once logged in, you will be directed to the UBC Library website and will have access for 8 hours, or until you exit the browser.

To reiterate:

1. Service providers will not be able to sign in directly on a resource webpage (e.g. Academic Search Complete, Nature), whether you get to the resource via the UBC Library’s Resource Page or not.

2. Service providers need to sign in through the OpenAthens login page set up for UBC Library.

3. Once signed in, you will have access to UBC’s e-resources for 8 hours, or until you exit the browser.

For further queries, please direct your patron to UBC’s Ask Us page: The inquiry form specific to OpenAthens problems is found in the Report a Problem section.

Thank you for your attention. Please contact the UBC Local Coordinators if you have any questions.