Please be aware: New "All" tab in the Chat Monitor

As some of you have already noted, the Chat Monitor now has a new feature, the All tab.
The All tab lists ongoing questions that other librarians are answering. If you click on one of these questions, you will enter "Conference Mode", where you jump into the conversation already occurring between the student and the librarian who picked up the question from the queue.
This "All" tab is right beside the "My Active" tab, which lists all of the questions that you have picked up from the queue, so please be careful not to confuse the two!
Another blog entry, describing the usefulness of the "All" tab, will be posted shortly.


By jumping right in, does this mean that the new librarian will affect the conversation that is being answered by a librarian already and without an invitation? If so,isn't this a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth?
I don't think this is fair to the librarian who originally picks up the answer, if this is the case. What happens if you have 2 or more librarians answering the same question and they disagree? This will not project a favourable impression of the reference service to the patron.
What will be the appropriate netiquette to use?

I forgot to mention in my previous email about netiquette, that in real life, usually the patron works with one reference librarian. Why would there be an opportunity for more than one librarian to simultaneously respond to a patron's question?
Please clarify.

Thanks, gulfgypsy, for your comments - the original blog post was mostly intended to warn people not to accidentally jump into each others' sessions.
However, there could be reasons why one might use conference mode. For instance, if one librarian takes a question, then discovers that it requires some local knowledge, they might invite another librarian from the appropriate institution to join the session, and lend their expertise.
This would be the same as consulting a colleague while on the reference desk.
Certainly, jumping into someone else's session without an invitation would be a breach of netiquette.
Please see the post: Conference Mode for additional uses of the All tab.