QuestionPoint All Tab Display Issues

We are currently investigating some issues with the QuestionPoint All Tab displaying an inaccurate count of the active questions for some service providers.  This tab usually displays all questions the other service providers are working on and also allows you to join a question in conference mode to assist a colleague.

How do I check-out questions on-the-go during my shift now? Regularly check the active question counts in the Librarians Tab instead to find out if your All Tab is updating or not. Communicate with your colleagues in Campfire to share issues with your All Tab and to assist each other with queue management.

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You can also use the Chat Monitoring Tool to view current question snippets & service provider information.

  1. Go back to the MyQuestionPoint screen (that's the first screen you see after you login to QP).
  2. Below the Launch Chat button is the Chat Monitoring Tool.
  3. Note that the Chat Monitoring Tool is a static display. Click Refresh on your browser to update!

Want to know more about the uses of the All Tab? Or is your All Tab not displaying? Check-out the All About the All Tab blog post for a refresher and contact your AskAway Local Coordinator to request the All Tab turned on.

Questions or comments about the All tab issue? Please contact us at the AskAway Admin Centre.