Refreshed Scripts Have Arrived

Refreshed service-wide scripts have landed in time for the start of the fall term!

Check out the new scripts and let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback.

Why Scripts?

It's often a matter of personal preference if you like to use scripts or not, but scripts can come in handy for some of the following reasons:

  • Chat more efficiently by quickly sending commonly used messages (e.g. welcome, closing messages)
  • Provide consistency in service and manage patron expectations (e.g. citation scripts)
  • Quickly send lengthy explanations or manage traffic when it's busy (e.g. privacy, swamped scripts)
  • Respond to challenging situations (e.g. rude patron, prank call)

The Refresh

At a recent AskAway Advisory Committee meeting, it was suggested that the AskAway scripts could use a refresh and we couldn't agree more. The scripts refresh process was informed by data from AskAway transcripts that showed which scripts were most commonly used (keeping in mind that some scripts are not used often but are critical to the service). With input from a service provider who has over 10 years experience on the service, AskAway service-wide scripts have been reviewed and refreshed to:

  • Remove duplication and reduce the number of scripts
    • before: 55 scripts -> after: 30 scripts
  • Update wording to be more proactive and user-centered
  • Reorganize the categories to align with chat workflow
    • New script categories: Begin, Chat, Close, Problem
  • Add new scripts for commonly sent messages
    • Example: Chat - Transfer script to ask a patron if you can transfer the call

Note: In the chat monitor, you'll notice that the HTML tags are showing in the scripts (for example, the <p> and <a href> tags). We know it's not ideal (and have reported the issue to QuestionPoint), but don't worry, as the patron won't see these tags on their end and they are needed to properly format the text and links.

Missing a Favorite Script?

An archive of past scripts will be available on the staff website to ease the transition.

If you think a script is missing or have a suggestion for a new script, please let us know.

And, you can always create your own Personal Scripts in QuestionPoint. Any scripts you create will appear in the My Library scripts tab in the chat monitor.

Questions or Suggestions?

If you have any questions or suggestions about the new scripts, please don't hesitate to contact us at the Admin Centre.

We are always appreciative of suggestions that will make your shifts and chat sessions more productive and efficient.