Reminder: Check-out your Qwidgets each Term!

Just a reminder to update and check-out all your qwidgets each term! AskAway Qwidgets provided on your Library web pages, Libguides and EBSCO & ProQuest databases can be very useful to patrons but occasionally some are missed in the update each term.  We've had a few reports of out-dated qwidgets and closed qwidgets that don't display all of the offline message.

Here's some reminder tips to help:

  1. Update your qwidget each term in every resource or location when you receive the Preparation for Term Start message from the listserv.
  2. Don't forget to also check-out the closed/offline message display before the service opens!  Qwidgets with long closed messages or larger font sizes may not display the entire message to the patron.  You may need to Create/Update your Qwidget and replace the code if you make changes to qwidget size, colour etc.
  3. Does your qwidget display differently or incorrectly in a particular browser (eg. Internet Explorer vs. Firefox)?  Check your web page for snippets of out-dated qwidget code that may be hidden from sight but interfering with the display.

Questions or comments? Please feel free to contact the AskAway Admin Centre.