Rolling out APA 7th edition

The 7th edition of APA Style was released in fall 2019, and AskAway participating libraries are launching the new edition at varying times.

In general, it's good practice during this transition to ask students which edition they've been instructed to use. When in doubt, you can check the library's AskAway policy page and/or the library's citation guides to see which edition is currently in use.

Below you'll find resources that you can use to provide relevant citation support to all students during this transition.

Point Students to their Library's Citation Guides first

AskAway's Citation Best Practices recommends pointing students to their library's guides first. These guides will often include information about which edition of APA is currently in use.

Check the Policy Pages - Citation Guides field

Many libraries have now updated the "Citation Guides" field on their policy page to indicate when their institution will adopt the 7th edition. Most often, libraries will have noted one of the following:

  • Already using the 7th edition
  • Adopting May 2020
  • Adopting September 2020
  • Timing of the adoption will vary depending on the department and individual instructors

See list of recommended Citation Guides and Websites

The list of recommended citation guides and websites on the AskAway website will be updated with new links as needed.

For example:

If you notice any links that should be updated or could use a note, please let us know.

Questions or comments?

If you have anything to add, any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the AskAway Admin Centre.