Sending a Swamped call

What is a swamped call?

A swamped call is a tool you can use to request help from AskAway service providers if you and your colleagues become overwhelmed with calls on a shift.

When do I send one out?

It's up to you and your colleagues to decide if you're going to send out a call. If you're already using some of the strategies for busy times but starting to feel overwhelmed with the number of calls you're picking up, you can send out a swamped call to request additional help.

Communicate with your colleagues in Campfire. If everyone has reached their capacity for the number of calls they're comfortable with and new calls are still coming in, that's typically a good time to send one out. Decide who will send the call.

How do I send one out?

This short video shows you step by step how to send and cancel a swamped call:

  • How to send a swamped message (1min 36sec)
  • Note: If you're following along with the video, please don't click the Send! button or you'll accidentally send out a swamped call

How does it work?

When you send out a swamped call, the following message is sent to the service providers' mailing list:

  • "Hello, AskAway is receiving a high volume of users. If possible, could you please log on to AskAway to assist us? Thanks!"

When you cancel, the following message is then sent to the service providers' mailing list:

  • "Hello, AskAway is handling the current volume of users. We appreciate the assistance of the AskAway Providers who logged on to help us. Thanks!"

It's good practice to send out a Cancel swamped message when enough help has arrived, as it signals to your colleagues that no one else needs to jump on to help.

What should I do if I see a call go out?

If you see a swamped call go out, and you're able to help out, please do so and login to LibraryH3lp and Campfire. If you're unsure whether or not you can respond to swamped calls, please speak with your supervisor.