Tips for Busy Times – Tip #3

If you haven't noticed from our previous Tips posts - Tip#1 and Tip#2, you probably have noticed on your shift that it's already getting busy at AskAway this year. Here is our third tip this week on ways to make busy shifts go smoother for service providers and users.
Tip #3:
Log in everywhere, and early!
Login to both QuestionPoint and Campfire a few minutes early. Offering to take transfers and pick-up new questions around shift-change really relieves service providers who need to leave as soon as their shift ends. Service providers logging in a few minutes early can also save you from getting stuck after the end of your shift! A few minutes early can create a seamless experience for patrons and ease a busy burden at shift-change for everyone!
Please be sure to log in to Campfire. In Campfire you’re able to quickly communicate with all your AskAway colleagues online. Update the other service providers with your availability for new questions or transfers and ask for help searching multiple resources on difficult questions! The ability to communicate your status, manage repeat patrons & technical trouble as well as collaborate on patron questions and queue flow is invaluable. This tool is vital, especially for busy times.
If you have questions about logging in to Campfire, or any general comments or questions, please contact the Admin Centre.
- Reece, BC ELN