Tips for Busy Times: Tip #1

AskAway is already getting busy this year! We'll be implementing some patron-side communication to help manage patron expectations. In the meantime, we are going to post some tips over the next few days to help ease the burden on AskAway service providers and stressed patrons when it’s busy.

Here is tip #1:

Use the new script: Queue: Off-Peak Hours, as well as the Swamped scripts to manage patron expectations and queue flow.

We have added a new script that lets patrons know when AskAway is the least busy. This script communicates that weekday mornings and Saturdays are less busy (they have the lowest ratio of users to AskAwayers), and that patrons can expect to be helped more quickly. Sharing this information with patrons can help equalize the number of calls a little. Look for this new script next time you are on AskAway:

In case you would like to avoid wait-times in the future, I wanted to let you know that the least busy times for AskAway are weekday mornings and Saturdays.

Pick up patrons quickly, preferably before 60 seconds have passed. A count of the seconds a patron has been waiting appears under Time in the New tab of the chat monitor.

When it’s too busy to help the patron right away,  send  the Swamped – Short Term or Swamped – Long Term scripts to manage patron expectations and queue flow.

If you have patrons waiting, communicate this in Campfire and any service provider that becomes available for transfers can let you know!

Be clear with the patron about how busy AskAway is and how long they might expect to wait for help - then the patron can make an informed decision about whether to wait or not.

Questions or comments? Contact us at the AskAway Admin Centre!

- Reece