UBC Library: Standard messaging on loan regulations

From UBC Library:

The UBC Library has implemented loan regulations since September 14th, and we anticipate specific inquiries and responses from our users. We have the following standard messaging and would like to share it with you.

We have also posted this information on the UBC Policy Page.

  • There are certain buildings that people are unable to access due to COVID closures or construction.  This means there are library materials locked in these buildings that cannot be returned.
    • Messaging is: this is an unavoidable situation and there is nothing the patron can do so the Library has a work around so patrons are not fined. Please let patrons know to contact UBC Library Borrower Services who will help them via the Assistance Form.
  • People do not want to travel to campus to return books that are due, overdue, or recalled.
    • Messaging is:
      • The library is supporting the learning and research of all UBC students and faculty.  To do this, physical items need to be made available for all borrowers.  For people who will have expired accounts as of September 15th, Borrower Services will not extend their account, but they will extend the specific items to have a due date for end of October, for items currently signed out. This gives patrons 6 weeks from expiry of their library account to return their items.  If a patron’s card has expired (as many have as of September 15th), extending an items due date does not extend their electronic access.
      • Recalled items have to be returned, no exceptions.  If the patron is out of the area or uncomfortable coming to campus the items must be sent through Canada Post or courier (at the cost of the patron).

Please note that we have also eliminated most daily overdue fine for all library users. Overdue fees will continue for high-demand items, including recalled items. Charges for items deemed lost, which applies to items not returned after more than 28 days, will also remain in effect. For more information please see https://services.library.ubc.ca/borrowing-services/loan-policies-and-fin...(also on our policy page).