Update: Recommended Citation Guides and Websites

The Citation Best Practices Appendix has received a necessary review and refresh! This Appendix includes links to regularly reviewed and updated citation guides for quick and easy access by the AskAway Community. We are greatly appreciative of the time and expertise contributed by Elizabeth Fernandes (Liaison Librarian at University Canada West), Shannon Moist (Head of Reference Services at Douglas College) and Tina Bebbington (Humanities Librarian at the University of Victoria) to bring this guide up to date.

Updates to the Appendix include:

  • Links to the new MLA 9th edition guides

  • A combination of guides from local partner institutions (Douglas College, KPU, UBC, SFU, LC , CC, OC) and other trusted organizations (Harvard, the APA, etc.)

  • Resources related to IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) citations added

  • Additional links to useful resources like tip sheets, FAQs, and interactive tools that enable students to explore and understand the how and why of citation

This resource has been updated to ensure that service providers have quick access to effective tools and examples to aid patrons with citation questions. Examples can be particularly useful when helping students learn how to approach citations. Providing an example relevant to their situation can demonstrate your understanding of their question and keep frustration at a minimum.

General Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • ‘Recommended Citation Guides and Websites’ link has been added to the Staff Homepage for easy access while you’re on shift!

  • Refer to the AskAway Service Provider FAQs for an explanation of how to add bold/italic text in chat, which can be helpful when explaining parts of a citation to a patron 

  • Remember to tag the chat session with the Citation tag (see FAQs for guidance on how to apply tags)

  • Sometimes useful citation examples come from institutions that are not the student's own - and that's perfectly fine, share away!

  • Be patient and supportive of struggling patrons; remember what it's like to approach citing for the first time