UVic Library's Help Videos

What do Gumby, Bugs Bunny, and mini-horses have to do with UVic? They each feature in one of UVic library's instructional videos- 2-minute YouTube clips that cover topics such as academic integrity, scholarly vs. popular sources, and defining a thesis statement. The videos give step-by-step instructions with visuals of the library’s catalogue, website, and databases when relevant.

The videos are available on UVic library’s YouTube channel as well as on their Help Videos page.

My favourite one features cleverly clipped vintage Dracula footage in the video Using Wikipedia, with the memorable line “Make critical thinking your garlic!”

Another video not to miss is Research Help from your Librarian, which inserts the UVic Library website and information into a clip of a 1940s film on librarianship.

Feel free to direct UVic students to the appropriate video(s) while helping them on AskAway, and let us know if your library has something similar.

- Reece, BC ELN