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Switch to OvidSP: upcoming brownbag presentation

The Ovid database provider is rolling out a new interface, OvidSP. Some AskAway institutions have already switched over to the new interface; the rest will be switching in the next few weeks.
On Wednesday, January 23rd, at 2:15pm, there will be a Brown bag presentation called "Introduction to OvidSP". I'll be going over some of the features of the new interface.
An email with the link to the presentation was sent out via the listserv on Mon, Jan 14th.

Top 10 Tech Tips

We've learned a lot about the QuestionPoint software over the past year. Here are some tips that you can use to prevent and recover from technical glitches.
Prevent Screen flickerings
Screen flickering/refreshing uncontrollably? This is often caused by double-clicking on a New Patron rather than single-clicking. It can also occur if you click once on a New Patron, but they are very slow to load, so you click again. Be sure to only click once on each New Patron.
Check your IE settings

New Exit Survey for Patrons

This term, AskAway patrons will be presented with a different exit survey. The exit survey appears as a popunder window after the chat session is completed.
The questions in the new survey are more relevant to our specific service. Please see below for a list of all of the questions and the possible answers.

Please note: in the lists below, a circle denotes radio buttons (only one answer can be chosen), and a square denotes checkboxes (more than one answer can be chosen).
AskAway Patron Exit Survey

New service-wide script: Problem - Prank

In preparation for the new term, a new service-wide script has been added to assist you in dealing with prank questions.
What is a prank question?
Any inappropriate question that is not actually obscene, abusive or threatening.
E.g. Are you fat? Are you hot?
Here is the text of the new script:
Problem - Prank
This service is for questions related to library use. You are welcome to use the AskAway service if you have such a question.

Software problems mostly resolved

There have been some problems with the AskAway software today.
Service Providers reported that their messages were not getting through to patrons while chatting. Also, messages were also being lost in IM between service providers. Cobrowse was also not working properly.
The problems will chatting and IM have been addressed. If you do experience additional problems, please contact Gordon, Sunni, and/or Niki:

Logout Error Presentation and Recording of MUC Library tour

Hi everyone!
The recording of the Orientation to the Malaspina University-College Library Website is now available at the following location:
Next week's Brown-bag presentation will be on the topic: Logout Errors.
These errors can mean that the service will be on all night, so I'll be going over:
1. How to recognise a colleague's logout error
2. How to prevent/fix your own logout errors

Web Training Session on QP Co-Browse

From the QP listserv:
A free one-hour web training session for QuestionPoint librarians who want to learn to use or review the features of Flash-based chat and/or co-browse will be held on Wednesday, December 12th, 11:30 AM Eastern Standard Time (4:30 PM GMT). The session assumes familiarity with the basic concepts of virtual reference and QuestionPoint, but no previous experience with Flash-based chat is required.

Public Library AskAway Re-opens Tomorrow

We are very pleased to announce that public library AskAway will be re-opening for service tomorrow, November 1st. Hours will be the same as before:
Sunday to Thursday, 10am to 10pm
Friday and Saturday, 10am to 5pm
As before, when appropriate please make referrals to the public library service by directing folks to
- Sunni