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Brown-bag Lunch: Biology Reference

Want to learn more about online resources for Biology?
Askaway's second brown-bag lunch session will be on the topic: Biology Reference.
It will take place Tuesday, February 6th, from 12:15-12:45. The session will open at 12:00 to allow participants time to check their audio equipment.
For information on the software, including system requirements and FAQs, visit:

Configuration Instructions for Internet Explorer 7

Hi everyone -
Cobrowse is now possible on Internet Explorer 7!
Just as with IE6, IE7 must be configured correctly to before you can cobrowse. Instructions have been posted on the Librarian's Portal, Tech Troubleshooting page:
Or, access the PDF file directly:

Clarification: How the All tab works

Hi everyone! There has been some confusion about the All tab, so here is some further clarification.
The All tab is a new feature, introduced this January.
If you click on the All tab, you will see a list of all the patrons that are being helped by OTHER Askaway librarians. If you were to click on one of these patrons, you would then enter "conference mode", in which you could silently observe the session between the patron and the librarian, and/or send messages yourself.

Brown-bag lunch: Conference Mode and IM

Curious about Conference mode? Want to learn more?
Over the course of the term, Askaway will be providing
brown-bag lunch sessions. These will be available
online, so you can attend from the comfort of your
own desktop!
The first session will be: Conference Mode and IM.
It will take place Monday, January 29th, from 12:15
to 12:45.
To attend, click the link below:
and use the Enter as Guest box to enter the session.

Conference Mode Instructions Fixed

Hi folks,
Sorry about the confusion! Conference Mode wasn't working for some folks because our documentation instructed you to use the Practice queue to initiate it, when in fact you need to use the real BC Acad queue, otherwise the Conference 4 All question won't show up in the real queue that everyone is staffing. The documentation has been revised:
Instructions for using Conference Mode to chat with all AskAwayers online.
Happy conferencing!
- Sunni

New: Conference Mode

Communicate quickly with all of the librarians currently online!
When beginning your next shift at Askaway, be sure to join the conference (or be the first to set one up)! This allows you to communicate quickly with all of the librarians who are currently online.
Use conference mode to find out who's online, to co-ordinate transfers at shift changes, or announce important discoveries.
For example:

Please be aware: New "All" tab in the Chat Monitor

As some of you have already noted, the Chat Monitor now has a new feature, the All tab.
The All tab lists ongoing questions that other librarians are answering. If you click on one of these questions, you will enter "Conference Mode", where you jump into the conversation already occurring between the student and the librarian who picked up the question from the queue.
This "All" tab is right beside the "My Active" tab, which lists all of the questions that you have picked up from the queue, so please be careful not to confuse the two!

Happy New (Technical) Year

Hi folks.
Happy New Year! This is a quick posting about some technical tips.
1. You'll notice the various upgrades and bug-fixes which were rolled out in early December: better response time, the patron connection status indicators, etc. See my posting for more detail.
2. QuestionPoint will shortly announce that QP is compatible with IE 7. Yayyy!