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AskAway: QuestionPoint Software License To Be Renewed

Hi All,

Please see Todd's announcement below about the recent AskAway software evaluation process:


On behalf of the AskAway Advisory Committee, I am pleased to announce that  on August 1, 2013 we will be renewing the license with OCLC QuestionPoint to provide virtual reference (VR) software for the AskAway service for another 3 years.

The Advisory Committee would like to extend thanks to all those AskAwayers who participated in the software evaluation process.

Software Evaluation Process

QuestionPoint All Tab Display Issues

We are currently investigating some issues with the QuestionPoint All Tab displaying an inaccurate count of the active questions for some service providers.  This tab usually displays all questions the other service providers are working on and also allows you to join a question in conference mode to assist a colleague.

Which pages do your patrons use most to access AskAway?

Where do learners ask for help? What pages are used most to connect with AskAway?

You can use the Form Fields statistics, available on the Statistics page of the Portal, to determine which pages from your institution are most often used to connect with AskAway. These include both Qwidgets and the full screen interface.

Qwidget & Full Interface Update

Framebusters Alert

Normally when a service provider sends a link to an AskAway user, using the full-screen interface, the linked page open up automatically for the user. Framebusting pages are pages that will not open in another site (e.g. QuestionPoint)'s frame. This is relevant to AskAway patrons who use the full-screen interface, but not Qwidget users. More info on the full-screen interface and Qwidget, and how to determine which way a patron is accessing AskAway here.

Administrative Centre Report, Dec. 1, 2012 - Mar. 31, 2013

Below is a link to AskAway's latest Administrative Centre report. This is the first to come out since we adopted a new streamlined approach to reporting; the Administrative Centre will produce these reports twice a year now, instead of for every Advisory Committee meeting.

The latest Administrative Centre report
Administrative Centre reports archive

April, Spring Term and Annual Update

Annual and Spring term (including April) AskAway stats are now available on the AskAway site:
April form fields statistics are available on the AskAway site:
April's exit survey results are also available on the AskAway site: