UCW Updates for AskAway

Submitted on behalf of UCW Library Local Coordinators

With AskAway starting up in the new term, I wanted to share some information about UCW that might be helpful for you.

  • All of UCW’s student-facing pages are in our student portal, which requires a login. Unfortunately this means our library pages are also behind this login. To help you out, we’ve tried to include as much information about our resources, services, and facilities on our Policy Page so that you can access the information without logging in.
  • We’ve updated our APA & Plagiarism (now called Academic Integrity and APA) and Research Help pages. All the links and information are the same but they look a bit different and there a few new resources.
  • UCW is on an accelerated term schedule. Our Winter term runs from January to March, Spring term from April to June, Summer term from July to September, and Fall term from October to December. You might find that students are in the midst of exams or final assignments at a different time than you expect.
  • A common assignment that you’ll get questions about deals with the Indigo Assessment. This is a personality assessment that is used in industry. Students take the assessment and write a paper on it. Students may say they need academic resources on the Indigo Assessment. You may want to let them know that they’re unlikely to find sources specifically about this specific assessment, but they should be able to find articles that discuss this type of personality test and how it’s used in recruitment and hiring processes. You might also get questions about how to cite the Indigo Assessment, and we have an example citation for it in our APA Quick Guide: https://www.myucwest.ca/cms/?p=1361

Our students our frequent AskAway users, and we often hear how much they appreciate the service, so thank you for helping to provide it!

If you have any questions about UCW, please reach out to UCW Library Local Coordinators.


Hello! Thank you for bringing up this issue! We've made some changes to AskAway guest login's access and I think it's causing the issue. We're working on it now and I'll let you know when it's fixed!


Hello again, we have updated access, so this link will take you to the correct page. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention!