Research Guides

Research guides are pages that recommend resources for particular subject areas or courses. Many libraries use LibGuides for these, or they may be custom-built within the library’s CMS.

Why should AskAway be included here?

While research guides are designed to help students get started, many students using them often benefit from a librarian’s help. These are very popular entry points into AskAway when included. Some libraries see up to 49% of their AskAway sessions come in via their research guides.

Which type of entry point should I use?

Chat box.

Where on the page should it go?

Above the fold, near the page content but visually distinct. In a sidebar if possible.

A chat box can be included on specific research guides, but it is more effective to have the chat box enabled by default on every guide.

Libraries using LibGuides may simplify maintenance by creating a Rich Text text box containing the chat box code, and then linking to that box within each LibGuide.