Checklist for the Beginning of the Term

New Service Providers

When a new service provider starts at your library:

  • Let the Admin Centre know who they are, and if they need training
  • Make sure they have a Campfire account:
    • If they don't, ask the Admin Centre to create one
    • If they have a Campfire account from another library, they must edit their profile and change their email address
  • Create a QuestionPoint account for them
  • Create an AskAway website account for them
    • This will also subscribe them to the mailing lists

During Previous Term

Just before the beginning of a new term

  • Create accounts for any new service providers at your institution, and distribute login information
  • If you haven't already (see above), inform the Admin Centre of any changes to your institution's AskAway staff
  • Ensure that all service providers are aware of their shifts on the new schedule
  • Check and update the links and information on your policy page
    • If you change the link to your Policy Page, you will need to update it in two places:
      • Your Edit Library Info button in the AskAway staff portal
      • Your QuestionPoint Admin Account (under Select Service, go to Profile, then Policies, and beside Alerts, click Edit and enter the new URL)
  • Check that the guest login for your institution is still working - if not, please update it by clicking on the 'Edit library info' button
  • If the staff or public workstations have been updated recently, check them against the Check Browser Settings documentation
  • If necessary, update the offline message on your Qwidget
  • Do you need any AskAway marketing materials?

As the term begins

  • If any of your staff reports being on AskAway alone, make sure that they went through the Check Browser Settings steps, then report it to the AskAway Administrative Centre
  • Watch for emails from BC ELN staff, containing important updates and news for the new term
  • If there have been major changes to your institution's library website, contact the AskAway Administrative Centre to schedule an online website tour for service providers at other institutions

Contact the AskAway Administrative Centre if you have any questions about the above.