Local Coordinator Contacts

Local Coordinators are the partner library staff primarily responsible for reference and/or information services at their institution. At least one staff member from each partner library is required to represent their library on the team.

To ensure communications continuity, we recommend adding an alternate local coordinator contact. Additional staff may participate at the discretion of individual partner libraries.

View the Local Coordinators' Terms of Reference.

View the list of current AskAway Local Coordinators.

AskAway Local Coordinators:

  • Act as a contact at their institution for the post-secondary virtual reference service project.
  • Advise and assist BC ELN in the coordination of service staffing, training and marketing.
  • Advise and assist in the establishment and maintenance of virtual reference policies and procedures.
  • Act as a QuestionPoint technical support person at their institution for AskAway, the post-secondary virtual reference service project.