Patron Disconnects and Lost Calls

AskAway patrons occasionally leave their sessions in non-standard ways without communicating why. They may be experiencing technical issues, have accidently navigated away or actively left. Or maybe they're just multi-tasking or idle. In a perfect world after assisting the patron you would both say "Bye!" and either the patron or the AskAway provider would actively end the session.

Unfortunately many patrons instead close down the session by navigating away or by closing the browser.. or leaving their tab open with the session idle, leaving you to wonder how should you end things.

If you're unsure wait for the "Patron is no longer connected" message before closing the session, as until then their connections are active and they may return. Once you see that message, they have disconnected from the QuestionPoint patron server.

If they remain actively connected but haven't spoken for a long time (15 or more minutes) you may want to use the Close - Left Session script and close the session a few minutes later.

Tip: If a patron disappears, flakes out, or otherwise doesn't stick with you from start to finish, don't just end the session. The transcript isn't complete until you end the session, which means you can add information, give troubleshooting tips, suggest a few resources, or even answer the question when the patron appears to have disappeared. Don't spend loads of time on abandoned sessions, but always be sure to suggest a few resources or include a suggestion to use email reference.


Check out these postings for some tips on:

  1. Lost call? Here's a few reasons why... or Until the Patron disconnect message appears they may still be there!
  2. Lost call? Before you end your session... or If possible provide them some additional info!

The Silent Patron - Does the patron not communicate at all?
Use scripts like TechProb - Refresh browser OR TechProb - Contact us by email.

The Disconnected Patron - Does the patron stop communicating after awhile and disconnect?
Start off using scripts like Begin - Open New Tabs OR Begin - Qwidget Database.
Patron idle or disconnected? Close with scripts like Close - Left Session OR TechProb - More Resources.

Technical Issues - Does the patron indicate they're having technical issues staying connected?
Start off using scripts like TechProb - Qwidget Disconnect.