Create or Update your Qwidget

If you have any questions about how to create or update your Qwidget, please contact the AskAway Administrative Centre.

  1. Login to QuestionPoint using an Administrator account (9 digit)
  2. Use the drop-down Select Service menu in the top left-hand corner to go to the Administration module

  3. Select Forms > Forms > Create Qwidget

  4. Select English from the menu of languages, and click Continue

    If you aren't changing your settings and just want to upgrade your Qwidget, skip steps 5 and 6.

  5. Choose the settings that you require. 

    1. Type the Qwidget Name, e.g. AskAway: Chat with a BC Librarian (or whatever phrase fits) ñ this will appear at the top of the Qwidget.
    2. Enter an Offline Message that users will see when AskAway is closed. The following is an example of the kind of message you could use:

      AskAway is currently closed. Please try again during service hours:

      Sun - Thurs 10 AM - 9 PM
      Fri - Sat 11 AM - 5 PM

      To send your question by email, please click on the following link: [enter your own library email reference address mailto link here, OR use the generic AskAway page: Reference Emails by institution]

      NOTE: If offline message is restricted by unreasonable character limits, type it elsewhere first, copy, and paste it into this box.

    3. Choose the Qwidget Size that you prefer. Choosing Fill means the Qwidget will fill whatever frame it is given on your webpage.
    4. Choose the Qwidget Color that you prefer.
    5. Select Do not Offer Email Service when Chat is not available.
      **Please note: not only does AskAway not subscribe to the email feature of QuestionPoint (rendering this useless), it is illegal for us to collect email addresses from patrons. It is very important that this setting be set correctly.
    6. For Mask Patron IP addresses, choose Yes. This is another essential setting that will protect patron privacy.
    7. For Require Email for Patron Chat, choose No.
    8. For Nudge Patron to Enter Email Address, choose Yes.
  6. Customise the Qwidget Patron Waiting Messages Configuration.
  7. Once you are satisfied with your selections, click on Submit.
  8. Once you see the Qwidget Configuration Updated notice, if you wish, you may test your Qwidget by clicking Test.

    Please note:
    The Qwidget can only be tested when someone is staffing the 'live' queue, not the practice queue. Please perform tests during regular service hours if possible.
    When you are testing the Qwidget during AskAway open hours, the AskAway closed message that you set earlier will not be displayed.
    As a courtesy to any other colleagues who are online, please alert them that you are testing.

  9. NEW STEP: Modify the generated code as follows:
    • Delete the first <script>...</script> tags calling JQuery
    • Find the <script> tag, and change one piece:
      • From: id=“questionpoint.bootstrap”
      • To: id=“questionpoint.bootstrap1”
    • Find the text "bootstrap.js" and change to "bootsrapnj.js"
    • Find the text "http://" and change to "https://" This will ensure the Qwidget displays on secure webpages
  10. Copy and paste the code into your website code for as many webpages as you choose.

It is helpful to insert some wording near the Qwidget on the webpage so that users know what it is for. For example, with a Qwidget on an Article Databases page, you might put: Don't know which database to choose? Ask a Librarian.

If you have any questions about the Qwidget, please contact the AskAway Administrative Centre.