Create or Update your Qwidget

Below you'll find steps to create or update your library's Qwidget. The generated Qwidget code can be used to embed the Qwidget on your library's website, in databases, etc.

Questions? Please contact the AskAway Admin Centre and we'll be happy to help.

Steps to Create or Update your Library's Qwidget

Navigate to the Qwidget Configuration module in QuestionPoint

  1. Login to your library's QuestionPoint Admin account (9 digit login).
  2. Click the drop-down Select Service menu in the top left-hand corner and click Administration.
  3. In the blue top navigation bar, click Forms.
  4. In the white navigation bar, click the Forms tab.
  5. Under Qwidget Configuration, click Create Qwidget.
  6. Select English from the Language menu and click Continue.

Choose Qwidget Settings

  1. Qwidget Name: Type in the Qwidget name. This is the name that will display at the top of the Qwidget (e.g. AskAway, Chat with a Librarian, etc.).
  2. Offline Message: Enter an offline message that visitors will see when AskAway is closed. 
    • Note: There is a recommended limit of 127 characters (not including html) for the offline message.
    • ​Sample message: AskAway is closed. Please try again during service hours: Sun-Thurs 10am-9pm and Fri-Sat 11am-5pm. You can also send your question by email [enter your library's email reference address].
  3. Email Option: Select Do not Offer Email Service when Chat is not available.
    • ​​***Note: AskAway does not subscribe to QuestionPoint's email feature, and it is also illegal for us to collect email addresses from patrons. It's critical that this setting is set correctly.
  4. Customize the message a patron sees when they submit their question (if you wish).
  5. Qwidget Size: Choose the Qwidget size that you prefer. Choosing Fill means the Qwidget will fill whatever frame it's given on your webpage.
  6. Qwidget Color: Choose the color you prefer.
  7. Customize the "librarian is typing" message (if you wish).
  8. Mask patron IP addresses: Choose Yes.
    • ***​Note: This is another essential setting that will protect patron privacy.
  9. Require Email for Qwidget Chat: Choose No.
  10. Nudge patron to enter email address: Choose Yes and add your text to the Nudge Message.
    • ​This will encourage the patron to enter their email address so they receive a transcript of their session.
  11. Customize the Qwidget Patron Waiting Messages Configuration.
  12. Once you are satisfied with your selections, click Submit. After clicking Submit, you should see the Qwidget Configuration Updated notice at the top of the page.
  13. NEW STEPS: Modify the generated code as follows:
    • Delete the first <script>...</script> tags calling JQuery.
    • Find the <script> tag and change one piece:
      • From: id=“questionpoint.bootstrap”
      • To: id=“questionpoint.bootstrap1”
    • Find the text "bootstrap.js" and change to "bootsrapnj.js"
    • Find the text "http://" and make sure it is "https://". If not, add the "s". This will ensure the Qwidget displays on secure webpages and databases.

Embed the Qwidget on Library Webpages and Databases

  1. Copy and paste the code into your website code for as many webpages as you choose! You can also use the code to embed the Qwidget in library databases!
  2. It is helpful to insert some wording near the Qwidget on the webpage so that patrons know what it's for.
    • For example, with a Qwidget on an article databases page, you might add: "Don't know which database to choose? Ask a Librarian."

For guidelines on where to place the Qwidget, see Best Practices: Minimum Visibility Standards. For information about how to embed the Qwidget in databases, see the Embed the Qwidget section on the Qwidgets page.


If you have any questions about the Qwidget, please contact the AskAway Admin Centre.