Qwidget Offline Message

Change the Offline Message or Qwidget Name

If you change only the Qwidget Name or Offline Message, you do not need to replace the code in webpages or databases where the Qwidget is embedded.

When AskAway opens or closes for a new term, follow these steps to change the Offline message:

  1. Log into your library's QuestionPoint Admin account (9 digit login).
  2. From the Select Service drop-down in the top-left, choose Administration.
  3. In the blue navigation bar near the top, click Forms.
  4. In the lower navigation bar, click Forms.
  5. Under Qwidget Configuration, click Create Qwidget. Choose English and then click Continue.
  6. You can change the text of the Offline Message here and click Submit to save the changes.
    • Note: There is a limit of 127 characters (not including html) for the offline message.
    • Suggested text: AskAway is now closed for the holidays / intersession. The service will reopen on [date]. Try sending in your question by email [link to your library's email reference address].
  7. On one of your library webpages, verify that your Qwidget is displaying the updated text.

Changes to the Qwidget (design, language, privacy, etc.)

If you make changes to the Language, Qwidget Size, Qwidget Colour, or any of the privacy settings, you must replace the code in any webpages or databases where you have embedded the Qwidget.

Instructions for changing colour, size, etc. are available on the Create or Update your Qwidget page.