What are scripts?

Scripts are canned messages that service providers can send to patrons. There are three types of scripts:

  • Service-wide: available to all service providers at any time
  • Institutional: available to service providers at a particular institution
  • Personal: any service provider can create personal scripts to use during their chat sessions

The current list of scripts is available below. We welcome feedback and suggestions on scripts that should be added or changed.

Create institutional and personal scripts

  • Steps to create institutional scripts (for local coordinators)
  • Steps to create personal scripts (for service providers):
    • Login to LibraryH3lp
    • In the far left navigation, click "Canned Messages" (pencil icon)
    • Click the "+" button in the top right
    • Enter the text of your personal canned message and click "OK"
    • Your canned message will now be available for you to use

Service-wide scripts

Note: Beside the title of each script, you'll see a keyword that you may wish to use to bring up the script quickly using the type-ahead feature in LibraryH3lp. Most of these keywords are unique to the script, but not all of them will be. If you have a suggestion for a different keyword to include below, please let us know.


Begin - AskAway Welcome hello
Hello and welcome to AskAway. How can I help you?

Begin - Chat Expand expand
Quick tip: You can make the chat window larger by clicking the expand icon (top right) and a new window that you can resize will pop-up.

Begin - Closing Soon closing
Hello and welcome to AskAway. We're closing in a few minutes. Hopefully, we can help you get started on your question but you may need to return during open hours or send your question by email to your home library:

Begin - Swamped extremely busy
Hello and welcome to AskAway. We're extremely busy answering multiple calls, but your question is important to us. Would you like to wait (5-15 minutes) or come back with your question at a later time? You can also email your question to your home library:

Begin - Offline missed
Sorry we missed you! If you need further assistance, please start a new chat and someone will be happy to help.


Chat - Busy slower
We're currently responding to a high volume of questions, and every service provider is helping multiple people. I'll make every effort to answer your questions quickly and thoroughly but my responses may be slower. Thank you for your patience.

Chat - Check In lost
Are you still there? I haven't heard from you in a while... I hope we haven't lost our connection. If I don't hear from you soon, I'm going to close our session but please come back if you have any more questions.

Chat - Citation citation
I'm happy to help you learn how to cite your sources and can work with you to find citation guides and examples to follow.

Chat - Citation Limits proofread
On AskAway, we can help you find citation guides and examples that you can compare with your own citations, but we cannot proofread or edit citations for you. Our goal is to teach you how to cite information independently.

*NEW* Chat - COVID-19 covid-19
For information on your institution's response to COVID-19, please check the institution's website. This is your best source of up to date information about any changes to services, courses, exams, or registration.

Chat - Limits teach
I'm happy to help you find guides and search resources, but AskAway does not offer research on behalf of patrons. Our goal is to teach you how to find, evaluate, and cite information independently.

Chat - Refer Phone or Text text
It sounds like you'll need to contact someone at your library directly, either by calling or texting. One moment while I find contact information for you...

Chat - Refer Public scope
Your question is beyond the scope of this service, which is intended to help post-secondary patrons with questions related to their research or coursework. Can I help you find contact information for your local public library?

Chat - Refer Research specialist
I'll do my best to help you get started with your research, but I may have to refer you to a subject specialist librarian at your home library for in-depth research help.

Chat - Refer Writing writing
It sounds like you could use some writing help. There aren't any writing tutors available on this service, but I can refer you to your writing or learning centre. Can I help you find contact information for writing assistance?

Chat - Repeat Question duplicate
It appears another service provider is already answering this question for you. Would you like me to try transferring you back or would you like to continue in this session instead? In order to provide better service, duplicate questions may be closed.

Chat - Transcript copy
Quick tip: At any time during our chat, click on the email icon and enter your email address to receive a transcript of the session, including links. The system will email you a copy of our session as is at the moment you enter your email and request it. To receive a copy of the complete session, I recommend waiting until the end of the session to request it.

Chat - Transfer colleagues
My shift is ending soon, but I'd be happy to transfer you to one of my colleagues who can continue helping you with your question. Would you like to continue this session with another service provider?


Close - Goodbye survey
Thank you for using AskAway. We hope you visit us again. To receive a transcript of our session, click the "email" icon and enter your email address. If you are using a public workstation, remember to click the "trash can" icon to clear the chat box for the next user (after you request a transcript). I also encourage you to fill out our short survey - your feedback will help us improve the service:

Close - Now Closed now closed
AskAway is now closed. We'll be happy to help if you come back during our open hours or you can send your question by email to your home library:


Problem - Complex Question searching
I'm still searching but your question is not an easy one, and it's taking some time to look for resources. Are you okay for time now? You can also return later or contact your library via email instead...

Problem - Contact Security security
This sounds like a situation where you should contact Campus Security. I can help you find their contact number, but I can't call them for you. One moment while I look for their contact information...

Problem - Crisis Centre crisis
If you are in crisis or want to talk confidentially to someone about a personal issue, you should call the BC Crisis Centre 1-800-784-2433 (24 hours) or chat online (7 days a week, noon-1am) at

Problem - Prank library related
This service is intended to help you with library related questions. Is this question related to your coursework or research? If not, I will close this session and you are welcome to return when you have a library related question.

Problem - Privacy privacy
Please be aware that any personal information you provide will be recorded in the transcript of our conversation and stored on AskAway's LibraryH3lp servers in Canada. Transcripts are used solely for evaluation purposes to improve the service and are collected from users from public institutions under the authority of the University Act (R.S.B.C. 1996, c.468, s. 27(4)(a)) and the College and Institute Act (R.S.B.C. 1996, c.52, s.41(1)(4)) and from users from private institutions in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act (S.B.C. 2003, c. 63, s. 6(2)(a)). More information can be found here:

Problem - Rude rude
I would like to help you with your question, but you will need to demonstrate appropriate behavior. We do not tolerate rude language from people who use AskAway. Would you like to continue this session or return at another time?

Problem - Technical technical
We're currently experiencing technical issues. Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience. If we disconnect, please come back later. You can also email your question to your home library:

Problem - End Session abuse
Because you are continuing to abuse the service, I am terminating the chat and reporting it to the AskAway administrative team. You are welcome to use AskAway later when you can be respectful.