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Practice with Yourself or a Colleague

To practice with yourself or a colleague, follow these steps:

  1. If AskAway is open, please use Campfire to let AskAwayers staffing the service know that you're practicing
  2. Login to LibraryH3lp
  3. Select ONLY the askaway-practice queue
    • This will ensure only the practice AskAway chat box (above) is brought online and that you don't open the service if it's after hours and receive real calls
  4. To ask a practice question, enter a question into the practice chat box above
    • You can also try out the practice chat tab and button
  5. Add the "Practice" tag to your sessions so that we know to remove these sessions from service statistics
  6. Remember to end all calls and Logout when you're finished


Use the Self Evaluation Checklist or the Transcript Evaluation Criteria handouts on the Training Resources page to help you review and evaluate your transcripts.