Shift Checklist

Open these Links for your Shift

Having trouble logging in? Contact the AskAway Admin Centre or your local coordinator.

Shift Checklist

Getting Started

  1. Log in 5 minutes early to LibraryH3lp and Campfire to ease the shift changeover with your colleagues and provide uninterrupted service to patrons.
  2. In LibraryH3lp, select both the askaway queue and your institutional queue.
  3. Click Connect Now to enter the webclient.
  4. Check the Queues status to see who's staffing and how many active calls there are.
    • Note: In LibraryH3lp, you will not see new calls that are waiting to be picked up that came in before you logged in so your colleagues may have new calls to transfer to you.
  5. Check with your colleagues in Campfire to facilitate session transfers and share any ongoing technical issues, transfers, and tricky questions.
  6. Await your first patron in LibraryH3lp ...


Need to transfer a patron at the end of your shift? Coordinate in Campfire and use the Transfer button in LibraryH3lp to transfer to an individual user (i.e. another service provider).


Want to wrap-up questions after your shift or when the service closes? Set your status to Busy to close the service or appear unavailable (the service closes when all service providers set themselves to Busy).

At the end of your shift, remember to Logout. Closing the browser window does not log you out of LibraryH3lp!

Contact the AskAway Coordinator immediately via email or telephone with emergency logout issues at closing.

Browser Compatibility for LibraryH3lp

The LibraryH3lp webclient for staffing is tested and works with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer 11.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If one browser isn't working, try another!
  • Clear the cache and / or cookies on your browser. This step may not always be necessary but may help resolve technical issues.
  • If you are still having trouble launching and working in LibraryH3lp, please contact the Admin Centre.