Shift Checklist

Open These Pages During Your Shift

Shift Checklist

  1. Log in 5 minutes early to QuestionPoint and Campfire to ease the shift changeover with your colleagues and provide uninterrupted service to patrons.
  2. In QuestionPoint click the Launch Chat link found in the left-hand menu.
  3. Select both the Primary & BME Queues available or click Select All:
    • Put a ☑ checkmark in the box next to Primary Queue: BC Academic.
    • Put a ☑ checkmark in the box next to BME Queues: [Exact BME Queues subject to change].
    • Hit the Save button.
  4. Check the Librarians () tab for a list of your logged-in colleagues and the questions they're answering.
  5. Check the All () tab to view current questions in your primary queue. Note: not everyone will have an All tab. Note: you will not see questions from alternate queues listed in the All () tab.
  6. Check the New () tab for any incoming questions that may need to be picked up immediately.
  7. Check with your colleagues in Campfire to facilitate question transfers and share any ongoing technical issues, transfers, and tricky questions.
  8. Await your first patron in QuestionPoint...
  9. Need to transfer a patron at the end of your shift? Coordinate in Campfire and use the Transfer button in QuestionPoint.
  10. Want to wrap-up questions after your shift or when the service closes? De-select the Queue(s) to close the service or appear unavailable (service closes when all Service Providers have left the AskAway queues). Click on the top-right Queue link and Uncheck and Save the list of Queue's monitored to zero (0) even if you have live chats in progress.
  11. At the end of your shift, deselect your queues and log-out of QuestionPoint by clicking the top-right Logout link in the chat window. Closing the browser window does not log you out of QuestionPoint! Contact the AskAway Coordinator immediately via email or telephone with emergency logout issues at closing.

Browser Checklist for QuestionPoint

Note: All browsers, regardless of the version you use to work AskAway, must have Adobe Flash Player: Version or higher installed or enabled to launch QuestionPoint.

The following browsers are supported by QuestionPoint:

  • Google Chrome: current version
  • Firefox: current version
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: Version 8 and higher
  • Apple Safari version 4 and higher (for Mac)

Troubleshooting Tips

  • By default, many browsers may not have Flash enabled. See below for steps to follow to enable Flash in your browser:
  • If one browser isn't working, try another!
  • If you are still having trouble launching and working in QuestionPoint, please contact the Admin Centre