Upgrading the Qwidget

Qwidget version 4 has been released, with many updates and improvements to the user experience. If you already have a Qwidget and you want to upgrade to the latest version, follow these steps:

1. Login to QuestionPoint using an Administrator account (9 digit)

2. Use the drop-down Select Service menu in the top right-hand corner to go to the Administration module



3. Select Forms > Forms Manager > Create Qwidget



4. Select English from the menu of languages, and click Submit



5. Your existing settings will appear, with a preview of the new Qwidget to the right. Below the Qwidget is a block of HTML code.

6. In that block of code, make some minor edits:

  • Find the <script> tag, and change one piece:
    • From: id=“questionpoint.bootstrap”
    • To: id=“questionpoint.bootstrap1”
  • In the src property, find the text "qwidget.bootstrap.js", and change to "qwidget.bootstrapnj.js"
  • This change prevents errors within ProQuest and on mobile devices.

7. Highlight the code, and copy.

8. Paste this code into your websites, content management system, LMS, LibGuides, and everywhere else you presently have a Qwidget (or want to add a new one). The new Qwidget code should replace all instances of the old Qwidget code.

If you have any questions about the Qwidget, please contact the AskAway Administrative Centre.