Assignment Alerts

Large UBC Engineering Classes

Here is a message from Eugene Barsky at UBC, alerting AskAwayers that some large classes of engineering students may be on AskAway:

Hello Colleagues:

Starting with this week, we are teaching approximately 1,500 UBC engineering students in a number of big classes - Engineering Cases (APSC 150), Engineering Communication (APSC 176) and Technical Communication (APSC 201).

Biology Assignments at UBC

A note below, from Katherine Miller about BIOL assignments at UBC:

Dear Colleagues,

Thanks everyone in advance for your support of our biology undergraduates.

We are starting to see BIOL 140 and BIOL 200 students at our Woodward Reference Desk in and we anticipate they will be visiting AskAway soon too!

Keep AskAwayers in the loop

A big thank you to the AskAwayers who have recently sent assignment alerts and announcements to the listserv! Receiving a head's up about significant changes or assignments in other institutions gives AskAwayers a chance to familiarize themselves with relevant materials before being asked a question, making it a smoother experience for the librarian and better service AskAway users.


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