Technical Tips/Updates

Patron Status Indicators

There are a variety of helpful indicators available in QuestionPoint to inform us of the current status of our patrons. During these busy times it can be helpful to know at a glance if our:
( ! ) Patron is typing.
(+) Just sent a new response.
Is off searching or may be slow responding.
If they may have disconnected from the session.

Patron Typing Bug

We continue to have reports of patrons experiencing difficulty typing into some Qwidgets.  QP is continuing to investigate this issue, and has requested our help in identifying the issue.

If a patron reports difficulty typing during their chat session with you, please send me an email with the following information:

1. Time and date of the call
2. Patron's institution
3. Whether the patron's status indicator (beside their name in the My Active tab) is a green square, yellow triangle or red circle.
4. The About info:

New Option for Evening Staff

Do you work end of the day AskAway shifts?  Then you know how frustrating it can be wrapping up your chats while also juggling incoming after-hours questions.  Now you don't have to!

QuestionPoint has added the ability to deselect the active Queue and still continue with existing chats at closing time. This allows librarians to finish up with current questions without the added pressure of sending out the Closed scripts to new patrons arriving after hours.

How-it-Works for Patrons!

Have you ever wondered exactly what the AskAway session looks like from the patron side? Perhaps wondered what options are available for making the session more user-friendly or accessible? Check out the new How-it-Works tutorial for patrons with step-by-step help, key screenshots & "more" hover tips!

Qwidget Mobile!

Thinking of going mobile?  Many libraries are developing mobile-friendly pages for users who browse library websites using mobile devices such as iPhones, Androids or Palms.

Did you know that if you have an AskAway Qwidget on your website,  you are already providing your students with a mobile-friendly interface to library help?  Find out more here: Qwidget Mobile Interface

Visibility Best Practises

Before the start of what is sure to be a busy fall term on AskAway, make sure your students can get the help they need, where they need it. Have a look at our new Visibility Best Practises for some pointers on optimal website placement and context.

Thanks to Noushin Naziripourn for her work researching and creating our Visibility Best Practises!

Patron-side Tech Trouble

We've discovered that some patrons may be experiencing some technical issues which are not immediately evident to the service providers.  Librarian messages are constantly repeating in the patron's chat window/Qwidget.

I've created a tech trouble script for you to use when patrons log in to alert them that there may be issues:

Reminder to Check Your Settings

A few of you have reported experiencing trouble with QP this past week. The issues seem to mostly be related to logging in and out, and suddenly being timed out of QP. These could be related to your browser settings or your MyQP timeout settings. Please let me know if you experience any issues with QP during your shifts so that I can gain an accurate picture of the issue before reporting to QP.

As a precaution, please do the following 2 things before your next AskAway shift:

1. Check your browser settings:

UFV - off campus access to research databases

The server between UFV registration and the library's databases is being worked on. This is effecting off campus access to the library's databases for only SOME of our students.
A workaround this problem until our server is fixed is:
1. try logging in using your student number and the default date of birth password (YYMMDD).
2. change your password in MyUFV to force synchronization, and then wait a couple of hours for the system to update your account.


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