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QP Install This Sunday

Hi folks,
Just a heads-up: QP is installing a new release of the QP software early on Sunday morning (March 2). The last time they did an install there were some server issues, so if you are staffing this Sunday, be prepared... If you do experience difficulties during your shift, keep trying to log in - QP usually resolves server issues fairly quickly.
The new install will result in some changes to the patron interface:

Top 10 Tech Tips

We've learned a lot about the QuestionPoint software over the past year. Here are some tips that you can use to prevent and recover from technical glitches.
Prevent Screen flickerings
Screen flickering/refreshing uncontrollably? This is often caused by double-clicking on a New Patron rather than single-clicking. It can also occur if you click once on a New Patron, but they are very slow to load, so you click again. Be sure to only click once on each New Patron.
Check your IE settings

Software problems mostly resolved

There have been some problems with the AskAway software today.
Service Providers reported that their messages were not getting through to patrons while chatting. Also, messages were also being lost in IM between service providers. Cobrowse was also not working properly.
The problems will chatting and IM have been addressed. If you do experience additional problems, please contact Gordon, Sunni, and/or Niki:

New Local - Authentication script

In response to service provider feedback, we have encouraged institutions to change the title of their Cobrowse 3 script, which describes how a patron can authenticate into the databases at their library. The script should now be called Local - Authentication, which is a little more self-explanatory than Cobrowse 3!
For example, the UBC Local - Authentication script reads:

Java Updates now supported

OCLC informs us that the QuestionPoint software is now compatible with the Java version 6, update 2 (i.e. the one that wasn't working in the summer).
Java has since released Java version 6, update 3. OCLC says that after limitted testing it appears that update 3 also works with QuestionPoint.
So what does this mean for you?

How to turn off Automatic Java Update

If you have your computer set to automatically update Java, you're probably sick of uninstalling the new Java 6.0 before every shift. Here is a link that shows you how to turn off the auto-update.
Actually, it shows how to turn it on, but if you just do the opposite of what it says, you'll turn it off instead.

Cobrowsing with 2 patrons

It is possible to cobrowse with 2 or more patrons at the same time!
If you normally delete files and cookies before every cobrowse session, you can do so even if you already have a cobrowse session open.
However, if you don't need to delete files and cookies before every cobrowse session, then you can just begin cobrowsing with the second patron.
Happy cobrowsing!

Staffing Alone?

There has been a rash of technical troubles lately, with folks not appearing to be logged on, or folks thinking that they are stuck staffing the service by themselves. In almost all cases this has been due to incorrect settings, or un-cleared caches or cookies. Although the service is fairly quiet this term, there are busy times (11 calls per hour!), so we want to make sure service providers are never staffing the service alone.


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