Technical Tips/Updates

QuestionPoint and IE7

I've had a few questions from librarians wanting to upgrade their Internet Explorer browser to version 7, which Microsoft just released. The official word from QuestionPoint is: don't upgrade yet. They're having some difficulties making cobrowse play nicely in IE7.
(Related note: apparently OCLC (which owns QuestionPoint) has banned all their employees from using IE7. A number of their products and services do not work well in IE7.)

NEW: Swamped page

We know things are getting busy now, and you may find yourself trying to respond to more calls than you can handle. So we've added a new tool: a Swamped page. The URL has been added to the list of "scripted URLs" you can push to the user. Basically it's just the viewport page, but with a message added at the top saying that we're very busy and it may take a few minutes before their call will be answered.
Note that this is a page you push, so you do have to pick up the patron from the queue before you can send this.


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