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QuestionPoint All Tab Display Issues

We are currently investigating some issues with the QuestionPoint All Tab displaying an inaccurate count of the active questions for some service providers.  This tab usually displays all questions the other service providers are working on and also allows you to join a question in conference mode to assist a colleague.

Which pages do your patrons use most to access AskAway?

Where do learners ask for help? What pages are used most to connect with AskAway?

You can use the Form Fields statistics, available on the Statistics page of the Portal, to determine which pages from your institution are most often used to connect with AskAway. These include both Qwidgets and the full screen interface.

Tips for Busy Times - Tip #4

We have reached the end of the week, and our final tip on ways to run the service smoothly when it gets busy.

Tip #4: Use referrals!

Refer, refer, refer! During busy times, you may not have the time to give every patron the in-depth help you’d like to give them. If you can’t transfer them to another available service provider, and the wait it too long, don’t hesitate to refer the patron to email, telephone or in-person reference at their home library.

Tips for Busy Times - Tip #2

As we mentioned yesterday, AskAway is already getting busy! We’re posting tips this week to help service providers when there are a lot of questions coming in. Here is Tip #1, in case you missed it.

Here is tip #2:

Swamped Calls: don't hesitate - use the Swamped tool to email the listserv for help as soon as it starts getting too busy!

Click on the Swamped button on the Staff Tools page of the portal to email the listserv for help as soon as it starts getting too busy for the number of service providers on AskAway.

Tips for Busy Times: Tip #1

AskAway is already getting busy this year! We'll be implementing some patron-side communication to help manage patron expectations. In the meantime, we are going to post some tips over the next few days to help ease the burden on AskAway service providers and stressed patrons when it’s busy.

Here is tip #1:

Use the new script: Queue: Off-Peak Hours, as well as the Swamped scripts to manage patron expectations and queue flow.

Embedding an AskAway Chat Qwidget in ProQuest Databases - Updated!

ProQuest has now added the option to embed custom widgets into their databases!

UPDATE: The option to delete the qwidget is now available!

Already have an AskAway Qwidget in your EBSCO databases or library web pages? Why not check-out the new option in ProQuest to add a custom widget to all your standard-platform ProQuest databases like CBCA (the options to select individual databases or non-standard platforms like Chadwyck are not currently available).


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