Challenging Questions

Handling Referrals

What kinds of questions do we answer?
We are open to all questions, and will provide help with course-related research tasks e.g. finding books, journals, articles, etc..

--Service Guidelines for Service Providers

Did you know? Searching by DOI

If someone has a DOI, and no other information about an article, how do you search for that article?
You can go here, to The DOI System:
Scroll down the page, and look for the section: Resolve a DOI name
Copy and paste (or type) your DOI into the search field, and click the submit button.
Presto! The article's information is displayed. Now you can search by journal title, article title, author, or whatever you like.

Authentication Problems - a quick troubleshooting guide

Some AskAwayers have been wondering: what do we do when patrons get an error when trying to login to library resources? Here are some questions to pinpoint the problem:
1. Have they ever logged in before? How recently was it?
Some institutions require that the students activate their accounts (in-person or online). Sometimes they have to re-activate their accounts with each new term.
2. Do they get any error messages? What are they?

Search Engines for Kids

Since the Public Library version of AskAway has been closed, we have been receiving increased numbers of questions from high school and elementary school students.
Having heard so much about "freedom of information", I thought we'd be able to use Google to do the searches, but I've discovered that the students' reading level can be really prohibitive when relying on a standard search engine.


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