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New Study on Accuracy in Chat Reference

This article, published in January, may be of interest:
Radford, M. L. & Connaway, L. S. (2013). Not dead yet! A longitudinal
study of query type and ready reference accuracy in live chat and IM
reference. Library & Information Science Research 35(1), 2-13.
Brief Description:
Longitudinal results compare 2004-2006 transcript sample to 2010 sample
and show that ready reference questions are holding at about 30% of all VR
questions (!) and that accuracy has made a significant rise to approx. 90%

End of Shift Tips

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Log Out Correctly
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If Possible, Wait for New Service Providers

Douglas College Trial Queue

We wanted to share some important information about a new AskAway trial beginning January 21, 2013. Please note that during this trial, we are asking all service providers to slightly modify the way they sign in to QuestionPoint. See “Trial Guidelines for all Service Providers” (below) for more details.

U.S. Report on Text Message Reference

An SLIS professor in the States recently published a detailed report on text-message reference based on two years of research from over 20 libraries .

The report is an in-depth look at:

• Information needs of users
• Competencies requisite for text reference
• User perception and use of text reference
• The collaborative text reference service model


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