Douglas College Trial Queue

We wanted to share some important information about a new AskAway trial beginning January 21, 2013. Please note that during this trial, we are asking all service providers to slightly modify the way they sign in to QuestionPoint. See “Trial Guidelines for all Service Providers” (below) for more details.

New Douglas College Queue Trial
Last semester you may have noticed the new Douglas College (DC) queue below the general AskAway queue when signing in to QuestionPoint. This queue is a trial service that lets DC service providers sign in to AskAway and view only DC users. In addition to the regular, general AskAway staffing, this allows DC service providers to staff additional hours serving only DC users.

Trial Guidelines for all Service Providers
During the trial, all AskAway service providers are asked to select both the general queue and the DC queue. This is very important; if service providers do not select the DC queue, DC users will miss out on the AskAway service.
During the trial you may notice DC service providers on your AskAway shift who do not appear to be picking up any calls. To see which queues service providers are monitoring, check the QuestionPoint Librarians tab.
If you see a DC question in the queue, please pick it up as usual. DC librarians monitoring the queue will have already had a chance to pick it up.

How it Works
Having a separate queue allows DC to open their queue earlier or later than general AskAway hours, if they choose. It also allows service providers to monitor AskAway for questions from their own institution while doing other work - something that is difficult to do while staffing the often-busy general AskAway queue. This may help relieve the general AskAway queue, as DC service providers spend hours monitoring the service and picking up DC questions in addition to their regular hours of general AskAway staffing.
When a DC user initiates chat in AskAway, she will be visible only to the DC service providers for 40 seconds. If a DC service provider is not available to answer her chat after 40 seconds, she will be forwarded to the general AskAway chat.

The trial will extend until April 12, 2013. After that time, the trial will be evaluated.

Questions or Comments? Please contact the AskAway Admin Centre.

- Reece, BC ELN