End of Shift Tips

General Tips
Log Out Correctly
Log out of QuestionPoint by clicking the "Exit" link in the top right corner. Please don't just close the window: it will appear you are still staffing AskAway. but not picking up calls!
If Possible, Wait for New Service Providers
When possible, please wait for the next shift's service providers to log in before leaving the service. On the flip side, please log in a few minutes early if you can. Often reference desk shifts or other duties make it challenging for service providers to arrive early or stay late on their shift, so we are all appreciative of those who are available to help bridge the shift-change period!
Last Shift of the Day Tips
Here are a few more tips and reminders for service providers working the last shift of the day (ending 5:00 PM on Fridays and Saturdays, 9:00 PM on all other days).
De-Select the Queue
Finish up with current questions without the added pressure of sending out the Closed scripts to new patrons arriving after hours by de-selecting the active queue.
At closing time:

  1. Click on the Queue link at the top of the librarian viewscreen
  2. Uncheck and Save the list of Queue’s monitored to zero (0), even if you have live chats in progress.

The service will close when every librarian has left the AskAway Queue. The Qwidget and Fullscreen Chat links on library web pages will close allowing you to wrap up your current questions without new questions being queued.
More information available in this post: http://blogs.eln.bc.ca/?p=348
Closing Soon Script
If a user asks a question within around 15 minutes of the time when the service will close for the day, and you feel it cannot be answered in the time available, you may ask the user to come back the next day or refer them to their library. The "Begin - We're Closing Soon" script offers them both choices, as well as help with quick questions.
Helping Users at Close
If you are still helping a user at the time of service closure, it is your decision whether to stay on and finish the session or to refer them. You may want to to de-select the queue if you decide to stay on later so that new users do not try to use the service.
More info about closing time shifts: http://blogs.eln.bc.ca/?p=1300