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New BC Business Resource

When answering business questions on AskAway, institution-specific guides and resources are the first place to check; if you are looking for additional information, though, a great new resource called Small Business Accelerator (SBA) may be the next place to look.

It helps with queries such as:

Resolution Codes

The renewed focus on the descriptive codes has generated some questions about use of the resolution codes, so here's a refresher...

There are five resolution codes available as you end your AskAway sessions, but please use only these three: Answered, Lost Call, and Practise.

New Descriptive Codes!

Many of you make vigilant use of the resolution and descriptive codes as you end your AskAway sessions.  Up until now use of the descriptive codes has been fairly random, as we didn't have control over the list of available codes.  QuestionPoint has recently provided the ability to customise codes, so we've identified and defined a new, MUCH SHORTER list of AskAway descriptive codes to make your job easier.  Read on to learn more....

What are the new descriptive codes?

Positive Changes from Constructive Feedback

AskAway receives many comments from users who fill out the exit survey, the vast majority overwhelmingly positive about the service. From time to time, though, we do receive some constructive feedback on how to further improve AskAway. Often even this type of feedback follows high praise for AskAway, for example, “The online service has worked perfectly for me, I've used it a few times and have always encountered friendly helpful people on the other end. What a great idea! The only thing I would suggest is to perhaps spread the word more.”

Keep AskAwayers in the loop

A big thank you to the AskAwayers who have recently sent assignment alerts and announcements to the listserv! Receiving a head's up about significant changes or assignments in other institutions gives AskAwayers a chance to familiarize themselves with relevant materials before being asked a question, making it a smoother experience for the librarian and better service AskAway users.

Handling Referrals

What kinds of questions do we answer?
We are open to all questions, and will provide help with course-related research tasks e.g. finding books, journals, articles, etc..

--Service Guidelines for Service Providers

Problems opening PDF files when using Safari 5.1 browser

Increasingly, when Safari users click on a PDF full text icon in a licensed database, they get a “missing plug-in error”. This is due to an incompatibility between the Safari 5.1 browser and the Adobe PDF viewer plug-in.  EBSCO support has posted a FAQ on the problem, and they suggest that users install a plug-in as a workaround until the software issue is solved.