To Log Out or Not to Log Out?

Here are a couple of tips related to logging out of QuestionPoint in different situations.

Situation #1: it's the end of your shift, but you would like to finish up one of your questions. You don't want to pick up any new sessions, or appear to be available for new sessions. Is there a way to log out of the queues without disconnecting with the patron you are helping?
Yes! It's quick and easy to de-select the queues while staying connected to your patron.

  • Click the "Queues" link at the top of the librarian viewscreen
  • Uncheck the queues and save the list

Situation #2: your computer has crashed while on AskAway! Fortunately it was just about the end of your shift. Do you need to log out before leaving AskAway?
Yes! Please log out of QuestionPoint as usual. Even if your computer turns off or crashes, QuestionPoint will keep you logged in so that patrons do not get dropped. Other AskAwayers might be unaware that you left and wait for you to pick up calls. If you are still logged in at closing time, it's necessary for the Admin Centre to intervene so that AskAway doesn't appear to be open all night.

As always, feel free to contact us at the admin centre with comments and questions!
- Reece, BC ELN