March Statistics and User Feedback

March AskAway stats are now available on the AskAway site:

March form fields statistics are available on the AskAway site:

March's exit survey results are also available on the AskAway site:

Last month we received exit survey responses from these institutions:  BCIT, CC, CU, DC, KPU, LC, NIC, SFU, TRU, TWU, UBC, UFV, UNBC, UVic, VIU

An important note for service providers: it is essential that all (non-practice) calls be labelled with the resolution code Answered unless the call is disconnected, and labelled Lost Call. Please do not leave the resolution code blank or use the resolution code Followup by Patron's Library, as these distort our statistics. If you have questions or comments about this, please contact the administrative centre.

Here are a few comments from AskAway patrons:
I found this site to be very helpful and quick. I was able to get direct help with my search and was able continue with my researching for my paper, not wasting time surfing thru useless information
- North Island College learner

Thank you so much for this service. Both times I have used it I have been met with friendly, extremely useful assistance. Keep it up!
_ Simon Fraser University learner

The experience was SO helpful, and I was really stuck. I am so glad I used Askaway, wish I had in the past. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- University of Victoria learner

I love Askaway! So helpful! Thank you!
- Langara College learner

AskAway feedback is always largely positive; learners usually express a lot of gratitude for the service. We do receive some constructive feedback from patrons, often from those who have appreciated some part of the service but saw room for improvement, or as in the first case below, an enthusiastic user who had an unusual negative experience. We are sharing this feedback with you in hopes of continuing to work together to improve AskAway's user experience.

I use this service almost on a weekly basis and always have amazing, excellent and friendly service. Today, the person did not read my questions closely and closed the conversation in a rude manner which did not allow me to thank you, etc.
- University of Victoria learner

I think it would be beneficial if the librarian walked the students through the process rather than just giving them the link.
- University of the Fraser Valley learner

Questions or comments? Please feel free to contact me at the Admin Centre.

Reece, BC ELN